Does homeopathy only have a placebo effect?

This article explains it to you

This is a translation of my article ā€œHomƶopathie = Placeboeffekt? (Version 2.1)ā€, which I did with DeepL. If you find any mistakes, please write me.


Everything that we take and from which we expect a certain medicinal effect has a placebo effect.

This can be beautifully observed, for example, by taking valerian tablets: Valerian is taken half an hour before bedtime and supports both falling asleep and sleeping through the night.

But what many do not know: The tablets must be taken every day, because the effect occurs after about two weeks of daily usage.

In the pharmacy, I hear time and again that patients only take the tablets once in a while, when they have the feeling that they canā€™t sleep.

And lo and behold, after taking the tablets, it is easier to fall asleep.

But how can they work then? The placebo effect provides the answer.

Knowing that we have done something against our insomnia, we calm down. We are ready to sleep ā€” and we actually fall asleep.

Afterwards we attribute the effect to valerian, of course; after all, we have just taken a tablet soā€¦